Vintage Christian Dior Jewellery

Christian Dior launched his fashion house in 1947 and from the beginning designed jewellery to complement the 'New Look' clothing he was creating. He used only the most talented and reputable companies to manufacture his jewellery designs.  You'll see pieces for Dior by Kramer, Mitchel Maer,  and Grosse.

All items were signed and many were dated.


Does Dior jewellery hold its value?

Christian Dior fashion jewellery is well worth collecting.  Dior jewellery is renowned for its quality and craftmanship as well as its pleasing designs and innovative use of art glass and crystals.  The market for midcentury Dior jewellery is exploding at the moment with prices climbing  as pieces become increasingly difficult to find.  Dior jewellery from the 1970s onwards is quickly following the upwards trajectory.

Items that have been sold

Check out what we've previously had in stock. These products are no longer available, but they can be a great source of inspiration and information for collectors!

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