About Gadelles

Gadelles aims to bring you fabulous and collectible vintage costume jewellery.  Each item on the site has been chosen by Melissa, the Gadelles founder, for its beauty, quality and character.  

Melissa, a bit vintage herself - as a product of the 80s, is based in South West England and as it turns out, has very eclectic tastes.  You'll see a range of fantastic vintage pieces available, from high fashion designer jewellery like Christian Dior and Givenchy to collectible mid-century design jewellery by Trifari and Monet.  She has a special interest in vintage jewellery by Canadian companies like Sherman and D'Orlan, so you'll see those represented.

If you're interested...Gadelles is the French word for 'currants', so chosen as the company name, Melissa says, because the fruit on a ripe red currant bush looks like Gripoix glass!


Red currant bunches


Items from this shop are also available on the GadellesVintage Etsy shop.


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