Vintage Mitchel Maer Jewellery

Mitchel Maer was an American costume jewellery designer living in England.  He produced jewellery under his own name in the 1950s and created jewellery for Christian Dior from 1952 to 1956.   His designs often displayed Victorian influences.

Pieces under his own brand will be marked 'Mitchel Maer' in script while the pieces that he made for Dior will be marked 'CHRISTIAN DIOR BY MITCHEL MAER' on an oval plaque.  Sometimes you will find Dior pieces from that era where the plaque has been removed.  This is becuase Maer's company went bankrupt in 1956 and brought much of his remaining stock to auction.  Mr. Dior insisted that the Christian Dior plaques be removed from any items that were sold at this firesale.

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