Vintage Schreiner Jewellery

'Wow' is the word that most often springs to mind when seeing a Schreiner piece.  The company was founded in New York by Henry Schreiner and run by his daughter and her husband after Henry's death.  Their output of colourful and unique hand crafted pieces epitomized the best that costume jewellery had to offer.  They used the finest glass and lucite gems always in interesting ways.  One trademark was to set the gems upside down so that the pointed end was up.  Schreiner jewellery isn't always signed but the pieces are identifiable through certain design hallmarks like dogtooth setting of the stones, donut hole ear clips and big bold statements.  Read our article on the characteristics of Schreiner jewellery to find out more.

Items that have been sold

Check out what we've previously had in stock. These products are no longer available, but they can be a great source of inspiration and information for collectors!

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